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The Rise and Fall of Rockett
March 25, 2008, 8:03 pm
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Brenda Laurel’s Utopian Entrepreneur , published by MIT Press, details the rise and fall of Purple Moon, the girls software company created in the mid 1990s to counter the male shoot-em-up-car-racing-alien splatter hegemony of the boys videogame and software industry. Its creation was a brilliant move by Laurel and her colleagues, fuelled by some heavy capital from the likes of Interval Research, one of Paul Allen’s investment toys, and a fairly sizable market research agenda led by Cheskin Research. Purple Moon’s software deviated from stereotypes of Barbie, pink ponies, and insipid dating games, and featured Rockett Movado, new girl at Whistling Pines Junior High, who through a series of mishaps and great adventures, made new friends (a true multicultural cast including Miko, a Japanese-American, and Stephanie, an African-American) amidst the familiar environments of bedrooms, school corridors, and bathrooms.See the rest of the review by moi in David Silver’s Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies.

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