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Duke & Lara as Gendered Epitomies…Gender and Gaming as an Emerging Academic Discipline
March 25, 2008, 7:57 pm
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There’s a veritable plethora of scholarly research on gender and gaming. Some of this research is highlighted below, but this is by no means an exhaustive look at what’s being researched and debated in various academic fora – conferences, books, journals…

Suzanne De Castell and Mary Bryson. (1999). Re-Tooling Play: Dystopia, Dysphoria and Difference from From Barbie to Mortal Kombat: Girls and Computer Play edited by Justine Cassell and Henry Jenkins III and published by MIT Press.

Laura Fantone. (2003). Final Fantasies: Virtual Women’s Bodies. FeministTheory 4(1): 51-72.

M. Hamilton and B. Hokanson. (1999). Gender and Software: Rhetoric and the computer Culture Exemplified by ‘Barbie Fashion Designer’. Professional Communication Conference.

Justine Cassell. (2002). Genderizing HCI. The Handbook of Human-Computer Interaction. See her list of publications here .

Jo Bryce and Jason Rutter Killing Like a Girl: Gendered Gaming and Girl Gamers’ Visibility. cgfc_proceedings

Melissa Chaika. (2000?) Ethical Considerations in Gender-Oriented Entertainment Technology. Crossroads.

Game Research

Games, Gamers and Gaming Culture. A fabulous blog…

Women’s Game Conference 2004 in Austin, Texas


Girl Gamers Webring.

Marc Tuters and Kazys Varnelis on Beyond Locative Media
Mobile Digital Commons Network
info on locative media
Leonardo On-lLine, Vol 14(3)(2006), Locative Media Special

Games and Culture journal
Digital Games Research Association (DIGRA)
Game Studies Journal

Mobilities Journal
Centre for Mobilities Research (Lancaster)

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