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What Do You Imagine Emily Looks Like?
March 6, 2008, 7:04 pm
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BCE, 2003: Press release,
Introducing Emily, the new voice of Bell Canada

TORONTO,Jan. 16 2003 --Bell Canada customers in Ontario will have a new
friendly experience when they contact the company through its 310-Bell (310-
2355) customer service line. Her name is Emily and she's a native of
Fredericton, New Brunswick with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Carleton
University who enjoys listening to live music in her free time... And she's a
    Emily is dedicated to making the lives of Bell customers simpler by
engaging them in conversations to determine what their needs are. Her ability
and willingness to assist customers is based on sophisticated speech
recognition technology. Emily received her calling in life as part of the
Company's broader plan to simplify processes. While Emily doesn't fully
eliminate the need to make selections using a dial pad, she does take her role
of making things easier for customers to heart and reduces the number of steps
and the time required for customers to get the information they want.
    "In years to come we'll look back and see that Emily was one of the very
important steps we took to bring simplicity to customers," said John Sheridan,
President and COO, Bell Canada. "She's proof that technology can be used to
make things easier for customers, not more complicated. Emily is a symbol of
change for the company and its customers and we expect that she'll become the
inspiration for re-inventing the ways in which we serve our customers."
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