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Artifact – The Bluetooth
February 26, 2008, 7:31 pm
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I haven’t seen many women talking in/on one…see Feb 22 entry on Men in Khakis and Blue Shirts and Bluetooths

And I mostly observe men talking in/on these things in airports, trains, and city streets near business/financial districts.

From Gizmodo blog: on a Zero Sum/Guerilla Research survey of Bluetooth users in a central London district:

68% of personalised devices were given ‘male’ names, with only 20% allocated a ‘female’ name. Although mobile phone ownership is higher for men than women in the UK, this does not adequately explain such a large discrepancy.

Re tech specifications etc. of Bluetooth see the Wikipedia entry….

What about the name? From the Bluetooth SIG:

Bluetooth” is from the 10th century Danish King Harald Blatand – or Harold Bluetooth in English. King Blatand was instrumental in uniting warring factions in parts of what is now Norway, Sweden and Denmark – just as Bluetooth technology is designed to allow collaboration between differing industries such as the computing, mobile phone and automotive markets.

But wait. We have a female version:


Bluepearls™ BlueTooth for Women:

Manufactured by ProfitWing Inc., because for women, “size and color matters”:

“We believe women have been slow to adopt Bluetooth headsets largely due to size and weight. This is the first barrier to retail purchases by women. Having a great big-fat-square-black box on our ears as the only option is not going to attract female buyers. Something small, elegant and stylish will motivate us to open our pocket books.” “The BluePearls Life™ series is a perfect complement to the existing BP7G retail product line”, states Wadley.

Color combos include: “Black, Silver and White with nine colored face plates including: Cheetah, Green Swirl, Pretty Pink, Blue Denim, Orange Burst, Zebra, Camouflage, Ruby Red and Midnight Blue”.

So, one can coordinate with one’s outfit AND not get it tangled up in one’s earrings…

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