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If I Can Do It, So Can You…
January 28, 2008, 5:57 pm
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Says Barbara K!


Barbara K markets a line of power tools for women. She was a former NYC general contractor and IBM’s first female contractor.

Says Barbara K: “Working in the construction business taught me that most tools can be challenging for a woman to use. So I designed my own to better fit a woman’s size and strength. My tools weigh a little less and the grips are sized to better fit a woman’s hand. I’ve also built in extra features to make them better suited for women, like patented spring-loaded handles on my pliers and built-in thumb rests on my screwdrivers. But just because my tools are lightweight, doesn’t mean they’re light duty. My screwdrivers and hammers, for example, have induction-heated tips and faces for extra hardness. And all my tools are stylish and guaranteed forever!”

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