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Domestic Surveillance Technologies
January 28, 2008, 6:06 pm
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The Wireless Nanny Cam

Make nanny cam your babysitter! An Internet connection allows you to observe your kids when you are at office, or away from home. A multiple camera system with tilting and zoom features that can be manipulated remotely gives the kind of visual control you always wished you had when away. The audio recording system is another great feature for small babies and kids. Nanny cam is not a substitute for a real babysitter, as emergency events require immediate human intervention.

Motorola’s Home Monitoring and Control System provides ‘do-it-yourself’ home monitoring. Check out a few of the Flash examples of how home monitoring has comforted four households. For Maria, the marketing director, the “wired camera snaps a picture of everyone who comes in or out…” so Maria can know when her daughters have arrived home safely.

New trend: Surveilling Kids on Mobiles

Kajeet-Pay as You Go Cell Phones for KidsFirefly – Mobile for Kids

MyScene Barbie Phone

ChildLocate – mobile phone tracking for kids

Verizon Chaperone Service

Ace-Comm’s Parent Patrol

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