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On Ursula Franklin
January 8, 2008, 6:33 pm
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Some web resources on and about Ursula Franklin; press releases, news, speeches…

Bio from Canadian Women in Science

Stormy Weather: Conflicting Forces in the Information Society (1996), Talk to Privacy and Data Commissioner Conference, Ottawa.

Council of Canadians – Distinguished Canadian Award, Real Audio (link is defunct)
“Dr. Franklin embodies what science can do for the public good. One example of this is the work that she did with the Voice of Women. She and other mothers across the country collected their children’s baby teeth because they wanted to prove that the children of this country were absorbing vast quantities of strontium 90 as well as other things because of the atmospheric testing of the atom bombs at the time. This required no great research money but was research done at the bake-sale level which meant that individual families could do it. It was this work that led to the abolition of atmospheric testing in 1963.

Two and a half years after the campaign started, the teeth were sent to the Dental Faculty at the Universtiy of Toronto who sent them to Chalk River where proper testing could be carried out. The teeth disappeared and the results were never published or known publicly. It was never clear whether the teeth were actually tested or not but other teeth were tested that were later collected from children that were born after the testing had begun (the previous testing was on children’s teeth that were born previous to the testing). Cows milk was also tested and the because Strontium 90 comes through within 2 weeks of entry into the cow’s body. The impact of this testing, because the ingestion of milk was part of the every day life of infants, brought about the end of the atmospheric testing.”
– Excerpted from the introduction by Cynthia Patterson – Board Member of the Council of Canadians

Summary of Keynote speech from Community Access Conference, Ottawa 1995

The Ursula Franklin Academy, Toronto

The Ursula Franklin Reader: Pacifism as a Map. TO: Between the Lines, 2006.

Ursula Franklin: People First Technology from

CBC Radio Interview with Franklin (2007).

New Media and New Trends –, interview with Franklin (ca 2006)

Anna Kaisa Walker. 2006 Interview with Franklin in Inkling Magazine.

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